What is the story behind the TT8Challenge?

We all like to challenge ourselves from time to time right? Here is a bit of history as to why we chose to use 8 trails in the San Diego County area. Our logo is a tardigrade also known as a "water bear", which is one of the most resilient creatures on this earth! (To read more about it, look under the ABOUT tab on our page). A tardigrade has 8 legs so we want to stick with the number 8. All throughout our website, you will see the number 8 quite a bit. The number 8 signifies a force that easily creates as it destroys, such as us being resilient! It also signifies eternity, which represents our willingness to continue living for a lifetime as long as we can breathe! We will fight for what we want, for what we believe in. We live in the San Diego County area so this is where we will start our challenge and eventually, branch off to other counties as well. So if you are ready for this challenge, join us on the climb!

tardigrade tough 8 challenge! 

Are you ready to take on some of San Diego's toughest hikes?

Iron Mountain (MODERATE)
5.6 miles – 1,036 gain

Ok, so we will be nice. For hike #1, we’ll start with one of our favorite hikes, to give you a little taste of what is coming next. Definitely not as tough as the rest on this list but still a great challenge. Plus, the views along the way are pretty spectacular.

Three Sisters Falls (HARD)
3.5 miles – 1,099 gain

The shortest in distance compared to the other hikes, however, it just may be one of your toughest hikes yet! Rewarded with three waterfalls at the end, you will start by going down the mountain but on the way back, there will be lots of climbing and lots of team work will be needed to go up the ropes. Please note there will not always be water flowing, that depends on the amount of rain for the season. Best time to go is between April – October.

Corte Madera Mountain Trail (HARD) 
6.5 miles – 1,381 gain

Known as San Diego’s Half Dome this trail offers some shade year round but can get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter! Nice little treat as you head up: Pine trees, Granite Boulders and amazing views! Adventure pass is required. Once you see a green fence with a red heart, you’ll know you are in the right place! Parking is to the left of the fence and is very limited, so get there early.

Cuyamaca Peak Loop Trail (HARD)
6.3 miles – 1,489 gain

Second highest peak in San Diego County with fantastic views. Binoculars are recommended, especially on a clear day! A portion of the trail is paved so don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you are lost. We suggest starting the loop counter clockwise so you can start with the dirt road then come back down the fire road on your way back, but you can choose the path you would like. *Park in the Paso Picacho campground for $10. 

Monserate Mountain (HARD) 
4.2 miles – 1,509 gain

This one has been one of our local favorites and has been known for people using it to train for Mt. Whitney if you start the loop counter clockwise! Are you ready for the challenge?

Mt. Woodson to Potato Chip Rock via Lake Poway (HARD)
7.5 miles - 2,335 gain

This steep and narrow hike up to the epic Potato Chip Rock can get pretty crowded the later you start. On your way to the chip, you walk by the beautiful Lake Poway and then the incline begins. It literally feels as if you are walking up a staircase, so get those glutes ready to climb! *There may be a $10 parking fee.

El Cajon Mountain (HARD)
11.1 miles – 3,766 gain

Do you consider yourself an experienced hiker? Of course you do, so this trail is for you! Beware to be challenged! This trail offers plenty of switchbacks and a river as well. Talk about a roller coaster ride! You will feel as if you are ascending and descending, like no other. Start as early as possible. In the winter, the trailhead parking lot closes at 4:30pm. Plan accordingly. Street parking is also available.

5 Peak Challenge @ Mission Trails Regional (HARD)
15.77 miles – 4,249 gain

Now here is a real challenge for you and not an easy task at all. Have you ever hiked to 5 peaks in one day? Here is your chance. You will climb to the following peaks: Cowles, Pyles, North Fortuna, South Fortuna and Kwaay Pay. Ready, set, GO! 

FUN FACT: Email the summit photos to 5-peakchallenge@mtrp.org at the completion of your challenge. Include your full name in the email, to be used on your certificate. After you’ve been notified, stop by the visitor center from 10AM-4PM to collect your certificate and pin.

Total Miles: 60.4      |     Total Elevation Gain: 16,864

TT8 Challenge Timeline

1/18/18: Follow us on both Resilient Squad and TT8 Challenge. Read the details and rules. Start Climbing!
3/18/18: Pre-Order begins for your finisher patch/finisher t-shirt
9/8/18: TT8 Challenge Finisher Beach BBQ! (details to come!) *Yo do not have to finish all 8 hikes to attend our BBQ. We welcome anyone to purchase a ticket.
12/31/18: Deadline to complete 2018 challenge


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