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    Personal Training

    edgar  |  @theresilientcoach

    I found fitness at the perfect time in my life when I came close to losing it all. I was binge drinking a few times a week and had gained over 40 lbs. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was having mild chest pains which were basically mini-heart attacks.In 2010, after a night of drinking I nearly lost my life in an accidental drowning in my own bathtub. It was about 4am, I was completely submerged underwater and my face was turning blue. My wife happened to wake up and managed to get me out just in time to save my life.

    Shortly after this incident, she wrote me a letter expressing her feelings and it stated that I needed to make a change or our marriage would come to an end.I decided to change my lifestyle completely and be a whole different person. I joined a local gym and began to workout as much as I could. but I didn’t know what I was doing. Eventually I hired a personal trainer to help me reach my goals and that’s when I started to see results!

    Today, I’ve become a personal trainer because I want to help and inspire others that are looking to transform their life. I have been in your shoes and I know how difficult change can be. I will teach you not only how to train hard, but how to be resilient and bounce back even stronger! Change your mindset and watch your whole world change! Let me help you today!


    ROSIE  |  @MRSresilient

    I am so excited to be a part of the Self Made Family! I decided to join forces with my husband Edgar “The Resilient Coach” and continue our fitness journey together. I never imagined I would be doing this today. I earned my MBA in Business Management/Human Resources and thought I had my career all planned out but quickly realized it was no longer my passion.

    After a recent health scare, I was determined to find a way to get healthier on my own without having to rely on medication and that’s when I started learning about fitness. Though I’d been working out on and off for the past few years, I decided to join Edgar on his weight loss journey and this year, we both agreed to kick it up a notch. In the past few months, together we’ve lost over 45 lbs! Now we’re more determined than ever.

    We are also the founders of Resilient Squad which is a fitness and hiking lifestyle brand inspired by people who have been knocked down by life but have found a way to bounce back higher. Our goal is to also take our athletes on the mountains to not only help them get physically stronger but also mentally!


    LOCATION: SELF made training facility san marcos