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    Edgar Rodriguez

    Creative Director

    After many unsuccessful attempts to make a change in my life, I finally made it happen. It wasn't easy to let go of some of my bad habits but I wanted to be a good role model for my kids and that is what inspired me to change.

    In 2016 I was invited on a hike and was instantly drawn to the mountains. At the time I was going through some very difficult times in my life both emotionally and physically and hiking became very therapeutic for me. I knew that this is something that I wanted to continue doing and I wanted to share my new found passion with others.

    I started the clothing brand Resilient Squad because I wanted to inspire others and show people that no matter what difficult situation you are going through, you can always bounce back! It won't be easy, but let me me tell you it will definitely be worth it and I can promise you that! 

    Rosie Rodriguez

    Director of Marketing & Events

    I've always been the type of person to put everyone first before me. In 2016, I ended up reaching my peak weight of 150 lbs. and at that time I knew that something had to change. Shortly after this we were invited on a hike and I immediately fell in love with the outdoors. 

    That is when we decided to launch Resilient Squad to help inspire others. A few days after our first group hike, I quickly became very ill and after three visits to two different hospitals, I was diagnosed with an extreme form of hyperthyroidism also known as thyroiditis. The symptoms were almost life threatening; from sudden hair and weight loss, tremors, non-stop fevers and a heart rate that could have caused cardiac arrest. 

    After being bedridden for nearly three weeks, the medication I was placed on finally allowed me to start living a normal life again. I was slowly able to return to the trails and began hiking again almost every weekend since then and I absolutely love it!